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Synergy: Oklahoma City Thunder Superfan ‘Brick Man’ Wears A Fake Brick On His Head

Yeah, makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is how in the hell he can actually watch the game with that damn thing covering his eyes. Another aspect lacking any semblance of sense about this story, although deserving of credit, is how Derek Seyes, a/k/a “Brick Man” makes a 1,400 mile round trip (estimated, via Rand McNally’s mileage calculator) from his home in Coal Valley, Illinois to Oklahoma City in order to attend his beloved Oklahoma City Thunder’s home playoff games. Brick Man has racked up 5,000 miles on his Toyota Corolla in order to attend five Thunder playoff games in Oklahoma City’s home arena, which in another display of synergy, is aptly named Oklahoma City Arena.

Brick Man landed a job in his new hometown of Coal Valley, but that was not going to prevent the “hardheaded” (get it?) Thunder fan from fulfilling his “Gotta Support The Team” mantra as his squad made a deep run in this season’s playoffs. Fellow Thunder backers don’t quite believe that he has been forced to make such a mile-intensive pilgrimage to see the games.

Via NewsOK:

“People will say, ‘Oh, I didn’t know you moved away,’” Seys said. “‘I see you every game.”

He can thank his trusty Toyota Corolla for that. And the oversized “brick’ he has fashioned which he wears upon his head. Do you know what would be cool, though? If Brick Man, in some capacity, was actually in the brick business. Talk about synergy.

‘Brick Man’ Derrick Seys among fans rearranging their lives during Thunder playoffs [NewsOK]