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Jimmer Fredette Maniuplates Situation To Make Plea To Utah Jazz: ‘Don’t Draft Me’

"What's that? I was drafted by the Jazz? NOOOOOOO!!!"

The Utah Jazz, courtesy of the New Jersey Nets, hold the number three overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft. They are also owners of the 12th pick. And given the statewide love and adoration – perhaps even bordering on idolatry – Utahians (?) have for Jimmer Fredette, who achieved cult-like status in the Beehive State due to his attaining superstar status while leading the Brigham Young University Cougars, it would make perfect sense – especially within the realm of public relations – for the Utah Jazz to take a flyer on Fredette and snag him with that 12th pick. They will already be getting a big time player at No. 3 – despite it being a relatively weak draft – so why not, right?

Not so fast. Fredette, who has all the appearances of being a quite savvy individual, has co-opted the public groundswell of those Jazz fans clamoring for the team to draft him and used it, in my opinion, to subtlety tell the Jazz, “Thanks but no thanks. I’m not trying to be rude here, but no. Just no.”

From the Deseret News (via Sporting News):

“That’s what the people want,” Fredette said of being drafted by the Jazz. “But I don’t think (Jazz officials) should make the decision on what the people want. They ought to make a decision on what they think is best for their personnel. If I go there, it’s great. If not, I’ll be somewhere else. So I’m just looking forward to where it’s at.”

Of course, this is all speculation – perhaps Fredette would like to play for the Jazz – but I’m not buying it. Jimmer is a nice guy and all and would likely never say anything untoward about anyone, but for crying out loud, he has already paid his dues by spending his college years – his college years, dammit! – toiling away in Provo. The guy grew up in New York. Do you really think he wants to spend the early stages of his professional career just down the road from BYU in Salt Lake City? Enough is enough. Fredette is ready for the bright lights of a major media market. Not that I can blame him. It’s time for him to drop the Mormonism, go back to the Catholicism of his mother, and move on with his life.

Further, how else is Jimmer going to help his brother TJ’s sagging rap career get off the ground? It ain’t going to happen in Utah, I’ll tell you that much. Or anywhere, for that matter.

Utah Jazz: Enes Kanter grew up watching Mehmet Okur; Jimmer Fredette says Jazz ‘like’ him [Deseret News (via Sporting News)]