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Ent Misbehavin’: Monta Ellis Got A Mythical Tree Tattooed On His Chest

Granted, Golden State Warriors guard Monta Ellis’ brand new tattoo lacks the panache and overt mythological-fantasy epic bent of Andrei Kirilenko’s super awesome and ginormous “Paladin Riding A Dragon” back tattoo, but  if you look at his new chest tattoo from a perspective that is a tad askew, while it appears to represent a family tree, it could be argued that instead of that boring reason, it is a tattooed homage to an Ent, the speaking tree beings from Lord of the Rings. Perhaps it’s even Treebeard. But where are Treebeard’s human-like qualities? Who knows, but it is this blogger’s opinion that the tattoo artist totally botched this one. If it was meant to be Treebeard, that is. Which very well could have been the plan all along. Or not, but possibly. Okay, fine. It’s not. But it would have been cooler if it had been.

[H/T Where Basketball Happens (via The Basketball Jones)]