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The Bus Ride Home Was An Awkward One For This Mavs Fan Dressed As A Basketball Hoop

The sideways glances from his fellow travelers of late night mass transit. The sarcastic taunts from surly street toughs. Not being able to sit down. These were all uncomfortable components of the bus ride home for Dallas Mavericks ├╝berfan Will Hudson – who won tickets to the game courtesy of his unique costume – but also had to suffer the indignity of a dejected bus ride home after the Mavs lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder by a score of 106-100 in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals. Gone were Dirk Nowitzki’s dead-eye shooting and the rush of witnessing the Mavericks’ home court dominance throughout their run in the playoffs. Also gone? Poor Wills’ dignity. But that’s the chance you take when you make a public appearance dressed up as a basketball hoop. It’s a calculated risk, sure – had the Mavs won, Hudson probably would have been slapped on the back and congratulated for his witty getup, but after a loss, it was likely a long, cold bus ride back home. And quite awkward, I imagine. I mean, he couldn’t even sit down.

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