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That’s A Lot Of Cheese: Notre Dame Paid Charlie Weis A $6.6 Million ‘Termination Payment’

And no, I don’t mean “cheese” as a slang for money, I literally mean that’s a lot of cheese – Swiss, Provolone, you name it. Charlie Weis is all about it. People talk about tax shelters, Charlie’s all about cheese shelters. He builds elaborate, pungently-smelled forts out of the stuff. And then proceeds to eat himself out of it. Cheese mazes? You betcha. I guess, I guess what I’m getting at is Charlie Weis spent all the money he received from Notre Dame – $6.6 million to be exact – for what is being referred to as an “initial termination payment” was actually spent on wheel upon wheel of cheese. Tasty, fatty and when melted, gooey cheese.

And the $6.6 million? That’s just for starters. Notre Dame is going to be paying a lot more money just so they can have the pleasure of not having Charlie Weis coach the Notre Dame football team in upcoming seasons.

Via Campus Rivalry, reporting on a story in the Chicago Tribune:

According to the Tribune, the separation agreement between Notre Dame and Weis still calls for “smaller annual payments through December, 2015.”

In five seasons at Notre Dame, Weis went 35-27 including trips to BCS bowls in each of his first two seasons. But after his second season, he went just 16-21 in his last three years before being removed from the post.

Wow. Talk about a sweet deal. Does Weis have the same agent as Bobby Bonilla or something?

Notre Dame paid Charlie Weis $6.6M as initial ‘termination payment’ [Campus Rivalry]