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In Which I Give Woody Paige Much Deserved Credit, Respect And Honor His Courage

We sports bloggers on the interwebs have had a grand time over the years making fun of Woody Paige. From his oddball, sometimes off-putting antics on ESPN’s Around the Horn to other alleged undesirable behaviors behind the scenes, he often makes himself an easy target. But today, I would like to take a moment to pay him respect he has more than earned.

Today, Paige will receive this year’s Suicide Prevention Media Award from Colorado State University. Last September, Paige allowed readers a look inside his private pain when he admitted that he contemplated suicide almost ten years ago when he wrote a heartfelt, intensely personal September 23rd column about the tragic September 20, 2010 suicide of Denver Broncos wide receiver Kenny McKinley.

From The Denver Post:

Woody said he received more than 35,000 messages after the piece ran, some from suicidal people who said his column compelled them to seek help.

Paige says he’s trying to respond to all of them.

Congratulations, Mr. Paige. The honor is well-earned. As a person who lost one of my best friends to suicide just after graduating from high school, all I can add is if his column saved one person’s life and caused them to reconsider going down that tragic road, it was worth more than anyone can possibly imagine.

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