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You Can Own A ‘Taj Gibson Posterizing Dwyane Wade’ Fathead For…100 Bucks???

What the fungus? Well, that certainly would be money well-spent, huh? Obviously, Taj Gibson’s thunderous dunk in the face of Dwyane Wade during Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals has quickly become the stuff of legend. And that is further established by the fact that a Fathead depicting the momentous scene is now available. For $99.99. Seriously.

This particular Fathead product is a whopping four-feet wide by six-feet long and causes me to make these two observations:

  1. This is hardly a Fathead as I have come to know them. Aren’t they supposed to be more like cutouts? This is simply a poster that sticks to your wall. For that, I say, “Meh.”
  2. People are still purchasing Fatheads? My God, man, do people wrap themselves up in their Snuggies and look at their Fatheads on their walls while ordering a bottle of OxyClean?

Oh, one last thing: on the “Specifications” tab of the product, there is a whole section devoted to “Where Not To Stick It.” I have a few ideas, if someone ever purchased this for me, where I would like to stick it.