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Rapture Now (Part II): Mitch Albom Developing Pilot For TNT

"I've got stupid in stereo!"

Note: for Rapture Now Part I, see here

Just because CBS declined to pick up shows based upon Colin Cowherd and Michael Schlereth apparently does not mean television executives are unwilling to seek out more halfwits from the sports world in order to develop God awful television programming. The well has run dry, folks: TNT has asked The Earman himself, The Sports Reporters’ resident extraterrestrial, Mitch Albom, to write a pilot for a show.

Via an AP Report in the Pioneer Press:

The network announced plans for the untitled program this week as part of a slate of projects during its upfront presentation in New York. That’s when networks present schedules to prospective advertisers.

TNT describes the show as set in a Motor City radio station and “following a station manager who, against his wishes, returns home to try and breathe life into his struggling city.”

Albom says it’s “a Detroit story,” an hourlong comedy-drama that draws on his experiences working in radio.

A show about radio, eh? So, basically, this show will be kind of like Frasier, except (if Albom’s past work is any indication), it will be not funny, not entertaining and emotionally manipulative?

Oh man, I better be careful. There’s a pretty good chance Mitch heard me typing that…

♫ ♫ Hey baby, I hear the blues a-callin’, tossed salad and scrambled eggs… ♫ ♫

Mitch Albom developing show for cable network TNT [Pioneer Press]
[image via The Sports Hernia Blog]