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Clemson & Davidson Baseball Teams Go All Out To Amuse Themselves During Rain Delay

Forget about the Radford and High Point baseball teams and their jousting antics, the Clemon and Davidson college baseball squads really know how to pass the time during a long, drawn out rain delay. Bowling, hunting expeditions where two guys crawl around while other players use gloves as makeshift antlers, Revolutionary soldiers war games (including a drummer), piggyback races, a little seven-on-seven sandlot football, curling with one player taking the place of the stone, pseudo tag team wrestling with players joining arms to make the squared circle, tennis with players as the net, dance offs, power squatting teammates, tanning beds…

Jesus. How long was that rain delay anyway? But I can say this with absolute certainty, this was a helluva lot more entertaining than watching them play baseball. Not their fault, but it’s the truth.

[Thanks, @willtherebebeer]