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Bad Idea, Um, Ideas: Here’s A Photo Of Jimmie Johnson Planking, ‘NASCAR Style’

Jimmie Johnson's photo: Plank NASCAR style.  my head is killing me now...

Since I don’t follow the trends or pay any attention whatsoever to what the damn kids are up to these days, I only have a rudimentary knowledge of this whole newfangled “Planking” fad. But I do know that at least one kid has died while attempting it, and from where I’m from, foolish endeavors that can result in death or serious injury are usually the kind of activities one should avoid, no matter how hip and cool said act is considered.

Quick to join the ranks of the Plankers is NASCAR’s own Jimmie Johnson, who demonstrates above, in his words, “Plank NASCAR style.” He also added that his head hurts now. I suppose that’s better than complete paralysis or death, so it’s safe to say Johnson came out “a-head” with this stunt, pun intended. Just be careful, Jimmie, the world of auto racing needs you. And if you’re going to injure yourself, the least you can do is have it happen while entertaining your fans by driving a car 200 mph around a track making left turns. Not that anyone wants that, either, but you know.