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Awk-ward: DeMaurice Smith Plays Song By Known Pedophile During Graduation Speech

It was supposed to be a wonderful event. NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith was invited to deliver a graduation speech to the outgoing students at the University of Maryland. But things got ugly fast: Smith barely made it to the podium before those in the crowd began chanting in unison: “We want football.” Not to be dissuaded, Smith quickly retorted, “I want football, too.” And that’s when things went from ugly to awkward. Awkward spelled with a capital “A” made even more prominent due to the use of a sparkly fluorescent highlighter to make it more noticeable.


For his final bit of advice, he turned on his own recording of Gary Glitter’s “Rock and Roll (Part 2)” and encouraged everyone to chap while shouting the mild profanity that Maryland fans insert into the song at basketball games.

“To anybody who thinks for one minute that passion is something is that is cheap and futile, have two words for them: ‘You suck,'” Smith said. “And for anybody who would ever think that it is the wrong thing to do to care so much that you’re willing to risk everything because it is right, reserve those two words for them.”

It was an awkward moment, in part because Smith’s recording of the song wasn’t very loud. Many of the thousands who packed the Comcast Center — especially the families and friends — didn’t play along.

♫ ♫ Ba-na-na-na… HEY! Ba-na-na ♫♫

Ouch. Gary Glitter? The guy’s a known pervert. Bad Idea Song Choices, man. Thankfully, Smith reconsidered and didn’t invite Lawrence Taylor along to give a speech addressing the benefits of asking for identification from hookers.

Be that as it may, There were so many better ways for Smith to go to get his message across to the students. My suggestion would have been to first, get a bigger and louder boom box, then, instead of using “Rock and Roll (Part 2), I would have played  “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel while holding the boom box over his head. I think that would have really resonated with the students, but that’s just me.

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