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(Video) Golfer Jerry Kelly Dresses Up, Tees Off As TCU Mascot To Settle Rose Bowl Bet

Ha. Awesome. Above is a video of PGA golfer Jerry Kelly teeing off during the Pro-Am event earlier today as part of the festivities leading up to the Crown Plaza Invitational at Colonial tournament. What makes this video infinitely more interesting is Kelly is wearing the TCU Horned Frog’s mascot costume. Kelly, who looks like this when not dressed up as some kind of mutant SuperFrog, was forced to suffer the above indignity to settle a bet between him and fellow PGA Tour golfer and TCU graduate J.J. Henry.

Via an AP report in The Seattle Times:

Henry and Kelly, from Madison, Wis., had a wager on the Rose Bowl. TCU beat Wisconsin 21-19 on New Year’s Day. If Wisconsin won, Henry would have had to don the full Bucky Badger costume.

After posing for pictures on the practice green, including a few without the costume’s oversized head to prove it was actually him inside, Kelly hit a shot on the first tee with Henry’s group that included TCU coach Gary Patterson.

No word on how Kelly fared on his tee shot, but his form was impeccable. But as it is often said, despite any obstacles in your way, sometimes you just got to grip it and ribbit.

Kelly pays off Rose Bowl bet as TCU SuperFrog [The Seattle Times]