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Jerry Jones Thinks Fans Are A Bunch Of Idiots Who Will Believe Anything He Says

Buck up, NFL fans. I know the lockout has been a real pain in the rear, not to mention an incredibly frustrating ordeal, what with having to watch millionaires and billionaires fight like children over a ginormous pile of money. But do not fret any longer, ye woeful souls: Double-J has got your back. That’s right, according to Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones, there will be football again. Some time. He doesn’t want to put a date on it. But it’s coming. Eventually. Probably. You can count on that. It’s very likely going to happen, albeit at some point in time in the future. Could be tomorrow. Could be next month. Could be a couple months. Crap, it may have happened yesterday but no one know about it yet. But it will happen. Most certainly. Jerry Jones gives you his word, and if you can’t trust Jerry Jones, who can you put your faith in anymore, right?

Via ESPN Dallas:

“I don’t have that point in time as to a date that this doesn’t call for that,” Jones said regarding a possible deadline for when NFL teams should start to worry about the 2011 season. “You play this on a week-by-week, month-by-month, day-by-day basis. There is no point in having deadlines because you have to think what happens if you don’t make the deadline. But you get up the next morning and go forward. We are going to have football. We are going to have a great league.

“The train will get there,” Jones said Wednesday. “That is the attitude everybody should have. Whether or not, or how and when. We want to do it in a way that doesn’t impact our fans negatively if we can.”

Well, aw shucks. Is he telling us that the NFL owners, whom I gather Jerry Jones is referring to when he uses the word “we,” don’t want to do anything concerning the lockout that impacts the fans negatively?

Too late, man. Stop feeding us the same old line of bulls**t we’ve been hearing over and over from both sides and get back to us when you, your fellow owners and the players get this whole mess straightened out. Until then, zip it. It’s annoying, and we’re not a bunch of saps willing to be spoon-fed a bunch of ambiguous NFL propaganda and vague doublespeak, despite what you may have been led to believe.

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