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Gus Johnson Talks FOX Gig With NYT, Works In A ‘Boom Goes The Dynamite’ Reference

In an interesting and enlightening, yet underwhelming, interview with The New York Times‘ Greg Bishop – not his fault, but it’s not as enjoyable to read Gus Johnson quotes as it is to listen to him emphatically articulate his excitement – the new man at FOX Sports discussed a variety of issues, including how he feels now that he has moved on from CBS Sports after sixteen years (16?) and is starting a new chapter in his professional life.

Love him, hate him or just tolerate him, Johnson is without a doubt one of the most compelling and talked about sports broadcasters in the business and as he embarks upon his career with FOX Sports, it is interesting to read his take on the whole process went down.

Via The New York Times:

Over lunch Tuesday in New York’s Little Italy, Johnson said: “I’m tired of thinking. Weighing. Grappling with my thoughts. You’re giving up something to gain something. But you’re still giving up something. I’m leaving something that I love. And I love that thing. That was my thing. Sometimes, you’ve just got to walk away.”

Further, while he thoroughly enjoyed covering the NCAA Tournament and will miss covering the games, to Gus, it doesn’t matter what sport he is broadcasting, just as long as he’s behind the mic:

“I believe in myself,” Johnson said. “I believe in my ability to do my job, whether it be the N.C.A.A. tournament or the world tiddlywinks championship.”

And now the interview’s pièce de résistance: a “Boom Goes the Dynamite” reference. It came when Johnson was discussing how the news came out prematurely that he was leaving CBS Sports:

The news broke as Pacquiao entered a production meeting, and Johnson’s cellphone buzzed with some 75 messages over the next hour. It was, Johnson said, “like, boom goes the dynamite.”

Ah yes, a well-executed “boom goes the dynamite” from the guy whose trademark passion likely inspired Brian Collins’ infamous performance which still lives on in memefamy.

RISE AND FIRE, GUS JOHNSON! HA HA! Speaking of which, do you know what would help this interview? The Gus Johnson Soundboard, of course. Every article, interview and column about Gus Johnson on the internet really should have it embedded right in it. It would provide the text some much needed excitement and personality, exactly what we have come to expect from the great Gus Johnson.

But here is where the story takes a tragic turn. When I went to the Gus Johnson Soundboard site, I devastatingly learned that it is no more. NO!!!! How could this have happened? Why wasn’t this prevented? What a travesty!

Gus Johnson Is Eager to Expand His Horizons at Fox [The New York Times]