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GameStop Employee’s Day Is Made When Randy Moss Shops At His Store

GameStop employee probably woke up yesterday Michael Myeers figuring his shift at the video game/software retailer would be another ho-hum affair: punch the clock, hang out behind the counter and pass the hours. Not a bad way to earn a paycheck, but Mr. Myeers’ day was infinitely brightened when Randy Moss walked into his store and perhaps but for only a moment, into his life. And fortunately for us, he tweeted about his encounter with the mercurial Moss.

Now this is why, despite all the naysayers and perhaps being a bit misunderstood, Randy Moss remains beloved by fans the world over, including myself, who as a Minnesota Vikings fan, watched his return to the purple last season explode in a shameful display of rudeness and lackluster play, still can’t help but love the guy. He didn’t have to take a moment to snap a photo with Myeers, but he did, and that makes him alright in my book.

We might have no idea what he was purchasing on his shopping excursion to GameStop, but I can guarantee you we sure as hell know how he paid for it: straight cash, homey. Yeah, that was an easy reference, but you take ’em where you can get ’em.

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