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Dirk Nowitzki Piggybacking Mark Cuban? Dirk Nowitzki Piggybacking Mark Cuban

Hoo boy. That’s gold. And a bit awkward, in a 7-foot German basketball player getting a piggyback ride from a billionaire owner of an NBA franchise sort of way. There’s just enough homoerotic interplay going on between Dirk and Mark in this photo to make it amusing without it going over the top. Any way you look at it, as far as today is concerned, everything’s coming up Nowitzki.

Love the hat. And the look on Cuban’s face.You can tell he’s enjoying it. In a completely platonic, horseplay kind of way, of course. Actually, do me a favor: play the video for the German techno song “His Name Is Dirk” while looking at this photo. It really ties everything together quite nicely.

[via @si_vault]