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David Kahn Kind Of Clarifies His Comments Last Night That The NBA Lottery Is Fixed

Well, at least that’s how he probably interprets it, but then again, Minnesota Timberwolves President of Basketball Operations David Kahn is kind of a woodhead, so I guess we shouldn’t really take how he interprets anything as having any semblance of a hold on reality.

Obviously, we have all heard about David Kahn’s free flowing commentary after last night’s NBA Draft Lottery where the Wolves did not get the number one overall pick despite the team being the most likely to do so, which many took as Kahn insinuating that the whole damn thing is fixed. A scam. A fake. A setup. As they day wore on though, the tide seemed to be shifting to the opinion that Kahn was merely joking, albeit in horrible fashion. You see, some people shouldn’t riff and freestyle during attempts at comedy. David Kahn is one of these people.

Anyway, from the horse’s (ass’) mouth, here’s Kahn’s super serious, official statement in which he attempts to clarify what’s at heart of the controversy (via On The Wolves):

“The first question I was asked last night after the lottery, by reporters, was whether the Timberwolves were jinxed for our lottery record though the years. I don’t believe in jinxes, curses, hocus pocus and I certainly don’t think we were wronged. But  I do believe in the power of story, and it’s a heck of a lot better story for a 14-year-old kid to beat out a couple of middle-aged executives standing together on a national stage. And our league tends to have its own share of luck in being a part of those stories.”

So there you go. That should put this entire mess behind Kahn, right? That is, until Stern fines him anyway. And then there’s always the next time Kahn opens his mouth and says something stupid when trying to be funny. Or simply honest. Let’s face it: the bar ain’t set too high for this guy. He will fail again, one way or another.

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