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Cute Mavs Fan Shows Up Early For Game, Rewarded With Photo On Morning News’ Site

I have made it a practice of regularly checking out the Dallas Mavericks photo galleries on The Dallas Morning News’ website ever since I discovered this bad boy on one earlier during the NBA playoffs. You could say that I might have gone to the well one too many times with the above photo, as I really have nothing much to add nor is there much that could be considered newsworthy about it. I just thought she was pretty and that she should be rewarded, not only for her prettiness, but also for her initiative relating to getting to the arena well before game time to soak up the pregame atmosphere.

Yep. You’re absolutely correct. I got nothing this morning.

According to the photo’s caption, her name is Erin Houdersheldt, she’s from Plano and she showed up incredibly early for the Oklahoma City Thunder-Dallas Mavericks matchup at the American Airlines Center for Game 1 on the Western Conference Finals with her boyfriend, as evidenced by the fact that there is nary a soul around her and her beau.

I guess all that remains is to wish Erin the best of luck as she continues to support her Mavs. And good job showing up ├╝ber-early for the game. I bet they beat the traffic coming into town. Which is always nice.

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