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What To Drink To Numb The Pain Of Blowing A 4-Shot Sunday Lead At The Masters? Jager

At least that’s appears to be the libation of choice for Rory McIlroy with his own Personal Disappointment Hell as he attempts to move on after his colossal Sunday meltdown at The Masters. The above photo, evidently uploaded to Twitter by McIlroy himself, although it has since been taken down for some unknown reason – perhaps he has an endorsement deal with some other herbal liqueur – Becherovka, perhaps? After all he is 22-years-old, of legal drinking age, and I expect the sight of a young Irish lad imbibing on some of the creature shouldn’t rankle too many feathers, but I digress. Few things are more comforting than taking a bottle of J├Ągermeister in your hand and polishing it off, sans glass. That is as long as you have another bottle as a backup. Duh.

I only wonder how Rory’s girlfriend, Holly Sweeney, feels about her beau’s dalliances with the bottle. That’s one woman I would not want to upset. Because she’s super attractive and stuff.

Also: Dave Attell approves of Rory’s taste in German liqueurs. But that goes without saying really.

[H/T The Big Lead]