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What A Bunch Of Cheeseheads: Green Bay Marathon Course 800 Feet Too Long

Leave it to Wisconsinites. Officials and organizers of the Green Bay Marathon have been forced to apologize after it was determined that the course the racers ran on Sunday was 26.2 miles, or 800 feet too long. Oopsy-daisy.

Via Star Tribune:

“On behalf of my entire staff, we apologize for the inconvenience and the extra distance that you ran on an already windy day,” race director Sean Ryan wrote in a notice on the marathon’s website.

Ryan said the error surfaced thanks to organizers “hearing multiple comments about [runners getting] inaccurate GPS readings at this particular point on the course” on their watches or other devices.

Race officials have assured those who ran in the marathon that their times would be adjusted accordingly. But seriously, how unfair and careless, and the error is especially egregious when one considers how close in proximity Green Bay is to Milwaukee (In your face!). Ah, who am I kidding? Morbidly obese people don’t run in marathons. Everyone who ran in it must have been from out of state. I keed, I keed! Wisconsin folks are the salt of the earth, I tell ya.

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