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Takin’ It To The Tweets: Adam Schefter, ESPN Pop Culture Insider

I don’t know about anyone else out there in Internetland, but count me among those who are very relieved that ESPN’s Adam Schefter will finally be able to get some sleep tonight now that he has his brain wrapped around the Arnold Schwarzenegger-Maria Shriver separation. It’s been a hard couple of days for him. The thought, “Why would Arnold and Maria be separating now?” would bounce around his pea brain as the ESPN NFL Insider tossed and turned in bed. “They seemed so good together in those California tourism commercials,” he would often say to himself in between fits of rage and despair.

But really, his ability to expertly interpret the hidden meaning behind today’s news about Schwarzenegger fathering an illegitimate child reveals Schefter’s hidden talents as a pop culture insider. To be honest, when I read about the news, I was completely unable to make the connection between it and the couple’s separation. Brilliant sleuthing. In a way, it opens up a whole new avenue by which Schefter can offer up his often inane and useless analysis. NFL is nothing compared to the enthralling world of pop culture.