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Sidney Crosby And Some Penguins Teammates Were At The Cannes Film Festival

So, what, Sidney Crosby fancies himself some kind of Hollywood bigwig or something? Has the NHL become too mundane, too monotonous for the league’s Golden Boy? Yeah, probably not. Hopefully, this is some indication that Crosby’s concussion symptoms are subsiding.

Anyway, here’s a photo of Crosby and teammates Paul Martin and Jordan Staal cozying up to none other than the beautiful and talented Jamie-Lynn-Sigler. According to The Steel City Sports Fan (via Puck Daddy), these photos were taken aboard the Jetèe Albert Edouard yacht (oui oui) during the screening and afterparty for the film, Trophy Wife, which coincidentally stars Miss Lynn-Sigler.

I must say, the three Pittsburgh Penguins players look quite jaunty and I’m certain they fit in quite well with the beautiful people in the Cannes crowd. Although those three looked like a couple of raggedy-dressed clowns compared to the dapper duds (and glasses) of Max Talbot:

Now that, my friends, is how you should show up looking for a party populated by A-listers, which just so happens to be occurring on a yacht. In France. Oh, to live like the other half, man. Even for a day. Sure, I imagine still playing in the Stanley Cup playoffs would have been nice for these guys, but come on, this is a perfectly acceptable second option.

Crosby and Company Enjoy “Trophy Wife” on Yacht in Cannes (Pics) [The Steel City Sports Fan (via Puck Daddy)]