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(Photo) Ay Yai Yai! Aspiring Matador May Want To Rethink Career Choice

Hey, Aspiring Matador Guy Getting Gored By A Bull: you’re doing it wrong!

Above is a grisly image of one Jimenez Fortes. As you can see, he is on the losing end – literally – in what is still erroneously referred to as a bullfight. What makes this photo especially poignant is that Fortes is a novillero. A novillero is the term used to describe a novice matador who is only allowed to “fight” bulls less than four years of age, because, apparently younger bulls aren’t as smart as older bulls as it pertains to their skill level concerning maiming a matador prior to having spears – or varas – plunged into them by a picador.

Sadly, for Fortes, even though the odds were heavily in his favor, he failed, bringing to light the indisputable fact that he might not be cut out for a career as a matador. Perhaps a desk job at the World Matador Headquarters might be more up his alley. The only thing being gored there is an aspiring matador’s pride, manhood and self respect courtesy of pervasive sense of shame and failure. Better than a bull’s horn, I reckon.

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