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NBA Bloggers Of Some Renown Have Unique Way Of Predicting Draft Lottery Outcome

According to the precise techniques employed by the dynamic duo behind The Basketball Jones – arguably the best NBA-centric blog on the interwebs – the winner of tonight’s NBA Draft Lottery – yep, it’s this evening – will be…

The Cleveland Cavaliers. I suppose they deserve it. To be honest, Dan Gilbert should hastily shoot off a quick e-mail thanking these guys for their impeccable research. In comic sans font, of course. But anyhoo, good for the Cavs. Too bad the talent pool available in this year’s draft sucks.

And try as you might, you cannot and will not find fault with their incredibly detailed and disarmingly sophisticated scientific methods. Nothing was left to chance, unlike the stupid NBA Draft Lottery. What a scam that thing is.

Well done, gents.

[via The Basketball Jones]