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ESPN VP John Skipper: ESPN Does Not Have A ‘Frat-Boy Culture’

In light of the upcoming release on May 24th of the controversial book, Those Guys Have All the Fun: Inside the World of ESPN, a behind-the-curtain look – warts and all – at the apparent debaucherous, depraved and 0verindulgent nature which allegedly pervades the behind-the-scenes culture at the network as well as the behavior of its on-air talent; and in anticipation of the likely damning evidence to the contrary contained therein, ESPN is bringing out the big guns to preemptively shoot down any appearance that The Worldwide Leader In Sports consists of nothing but a hedonistic subculture hellbent on perverting sports broadcasting, all from their tiny little corner of the world in Bristol, Connecticut.

First up is ESPN senior vice president and general manager of, John Skipper (above, demonstrating Gloria Allred’s baseball bat-anal sex demonstration from a few weeks ago, only with a vuvuzela), who attempted to put the kibosh on any validity to the tawdry nature of the stories which are sure to be included in the upcoming book during an upfront meeting with advertisers on Tuesday.

Via Game On!:

“We do not condone that kind of activity. In fact, we’ve taken lots and lots of steps to create policies. We’re fairly stringent when people do things. We suspend people. We fire people,” Skipper said. “It is clear to everybody who works for us we are not going to tolerate it. It’s just human nature, human behavior . . . We have a culture of hard work and achievement and serving fans. We have a lot of employees. A few of them, every now and then, do something stupid.”

Methinks Mr. Skipper is missing the point: just because the ESPN does not condone bad behavior doesn’t necessarily mean the so-called “frat boy culture” not only exists, but is also a pervasive component of what goes on at ESPN. They can be as stringent as they want, that will not stop frat boys from acting like frat boys. Unless they plan on firing everyone. Try as they might over at ESPN, the fallout from the sordid stories revealed in the book is not going to go away quietly.

ESPN’s John Skipper: ‘We do not have a frat-boy culture’ [Game On!]