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(Photo) Catching A Baseball In Stands With A Baby In Tow: Not Just For Dads Anymore

Nice form, ma! It seems like at least two or three times every baseball season, we see a highlight of some guy at a baseball game snagging a home run, foul ball, what have you, with a baby not only in tow, but directly in harm’s way as he or she is cradled in the guy’s non-catching hand. But as you can see above, moms aren’t going to sit on the sidelines – or in the stands, as it were – anymore and allow all the dads to horn in on the action and bogart all the glory.

According to a commenter on Mr. Irrelevant, this photo is from a Richmond Flying Squirrels minor league baseball game on Sunday afternoon, and as you can see for yourself, her form is impeccable: arm outstretched, glove on hand, protective helmet-like thingy on baby. Safety first, right?

Well done, unknown mother. Well done.

Foul Ball Mom Is Foul Ball Awesome [Mr. Irrelevant]