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(Video) Breaking: NESN’s Heidi Watney Really Can Eat Chicken And Waffles!

You might recall way back in early April when NESN reporter Heidi Watney had some difficulty swallowing, nearly choking, when she sampled some fried chicken and waffles at Progressive Field during a Boston Red Sox-Cleveland Indians game. Well, the lovely Miss Watney decided to set the record straight regarding her on-air near choke when she visited the MLB Fan Cave in New York City recently. Watney insists that it wasn’t because the food was nasty or that she suddenly lost the ability to masticate and subsequently swallow food – instead, she said that her cameraman was making her laugh, thus causing it to be incredibly difficult to properly chew up the scrumptious treat that is fried chicken and waffles. In the above video, Watney gives a good accounting of her eating skills quite nicely as she samples a fried chicken and waffle cupcake concoction without the necessity of a someone being on standby just in case the Heimlich Manuever needed to be administered on her.

Good job, Heidi. And as an aside, anytime you want to record yourself eating something, we’ll be watching. Perhaps next time, let’s go with a banana. Or a Popsicle. Either way, it’s up to you.

Thanks, Tyler.