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(Video) Another Motor Skilled-Challenged Soccer Player Drops Trophy Off Top Of Bus

In what is developing into a butterfingers epidemic of epic proportions, yet another soccer player has dropped a trophy during a celebration, evoking the memory of when Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos dropping the Copa del Rey trophy off the top of a double-decker bus in April.

This time, it was Ajax goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenbur dropping the Dutch league trophy while standing atop a bus during a triumphant ride through the city of Amsterdam. D’oh! Ajax had just won their 30th league championship courtesy of a 3-1 win over something called FC Twente. Luckily an onlooker recovered the plate-like trophy and returned it to the players before further damage was inflicted upon it.

Obviously, non-goalie soccer players are not allowed to use their hands during play, so perhaps we could attribute Ramos’ clumsiness on not developing the necessary skills to, you know, hold on to something, although one suspects he uses his hands in other facets of his life. But a goalkeeper? No excuse, man. No excuse. For shame, Maarten Stekelenbur. For shame. In retrospect, maybe he should have been sporting those ginormous gloves soccer goalies use. Wouldn’t have hurt.

Video: Another goalie drops trophy during victory parade [Toronto Star]