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This Video Of Evan Longoria Catching A Ball To Save A Reporter’s Noggin Is So Real

That Evan Longoria is really something, man. Fake? Whaddya mean fake? Why would anyone take the time to create a fake video featuring one of Major League Baseball’s biggest stars where, due to his ability to sense a batted ball flying straight at a reporter’s head, sticks his hand out just in time to snag the ball, thereby saving the reporter from suffering a serious injury? What would be the purpose of that? What ulterior motives would be satisfied by playing on our emotions like that?

A commercial, you say? Hogwash. Okay, fine, have it your way – it was for a commercial, probably for some future Gillette ad, right? Man, you people are gullible. You’ll believe anything.

I’m chalking it up to Evan Longoria having extrasensory perception. It’s the most feasible reason behind it.

[H/T Off the Bench]