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Taking It To The Tweets: Shannon Brown Denies He Nailed Pau Gasol’s Girlfriend

Alrighty then. I guess we have no choice but to believe Los Angeles Lakers guard Shannon Brown, because if I have learned one thing about the interwebs during my time on it, if someone actually writes something and publishes it on a social media site, it’s 99.9% certain it is a true statement. Otherwise, what would be the point of posting it? Right?

Apparently, and I am going on speculation on this one because I rarely travel in Rampant Unsubstantiated Speculation Internet Rumor Mill Circuit, the buzz in the ‘tubes was that Brown might have gotten overly friendly with teammate Pau Gasol’s girlfriend, Silvia Lopez Castro. And by gotten overly friendly with, I of course mean that he had sexual relations with her. You may recall that this entire hullabaloo regarding the relationship status of Gasol and Castro erupted as the Lakers were unraveling in their series against the Dallas Mavericks when speculation persisted that a rift had developed between Kobe Bryant and Gasol due to Kobe’s wife meddling in Gasol and Castro’s relationship. Gasol subsequently denied it, but now this latest piece has been added to the puzzle.

To Brown’s credit, at least he did not give the rumor a chance to gain legs by ignoring it and allowing it to fester. Instead, he took it head on and vehemently denied it via his Twitter account. Good for him.

There is, however, oneĀ  aspect of the above tweet that gives me pause from completely absolving Brown and granting him complete innocence concerning said rumor. Brown said he never slept with Gasol’s gal, not that he didn’t engage in some hanky panky with her. Maybe there wasn’t much sleeping going on, you know what I’m saying? HOO-AHHH!

(makes sexually suggestive hand gestures, eliciting perplexed and disgusted responses from the other people in the coffee shop)