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Pregame Ritual For Incoming Florida Gators WR: Katy Perry And A ‘Doodoo’


I took a poop and I liked it? Courtesy of Florida Gators fansite Gator Country (via SB Nation), what follows is the rather unique pregame ritual of incoming freshman receiver Ja’Juan Story and how he gets ready to play:

Q: What’s your favorite pre-game ritual?

A: Well, I take a doodoo. Before every game I doodoo.

Q: That’s your FAVORITE pregame ritual?

A: Well, that’s the only thing I do. That’s one thing I have to do before every game, or I won’t feel energy, and I’ll just feel slow. When I do I just feel light on my feet and everything, and I feel faster, so that’s what I do.

Q: You know I’m going to write this in a story right?

A: Well, I mean, that’s what it is. I doodoo and then listen to Katy Perry.

Awesome. I for one cannot think of any better way to get focused, loose and limber prior to kickoff: a poop and a Perry. Sounds relieving. Lord knows how lethargic one can feel without the intrinsic benefits of a decent bowel movement. Also, it should be noted that just prior to the Poopy Perry part of the interview, Story says that Katy Perry’s “Fireworks” is the most played song on his iPod, adding that the song is “intense.” Hopefully, for Story’s sake, the words “Fireworks” and “intense” are never used in conjunction with describing his pregame “doodie.” That wouldn’t be good for anybody.

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