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The Chicago Tribune Asked Body Language Experts To Interpret Pujols-Hendry Hug?

Seriously? Is that what a completely irrelevant act has been reduced to? As you likely know, much ado has been made due to an innocuous, meaningless embrace shared between St. Louis Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols and Chicago Cubs general manager Jim Hendry prior to Tuesday night’s Cardinals-Cubs game at Wrigley Field. And as folks are wont to do, a ridiculous firestorm of conjecture, guesswork and interpretation regarding the meaning behind it quickly ensued. Why are these two hugging anyway? Is this a sign that the Cubs tampering? Was it an indication that Pujols is headed to the North Side at season’s end? Are the two friends? Close talkers? Lovers? Okay, definitely not lovers, but really, what could it all possibly mean? We need – nay, we demand – answers, dammit!

Thankfully for us, the Chicago Tribune sought out some charlatans who pass themselves off as body language experts to take a gander and utilize their considerable symbolism-deduction talents to interpret the “Hug Heard Around The World” (wait, can a hug be heard? Can Horton hear a Who? What?). Their pseudo-scientifically-based opinions (via Chicago Breaking Sports):

Patti Wood, author of “Success Signals: Body Language in Business,” says the photos could offer some clues.

“(Pujols) feels comfortable with him. I can tell you that he would be happy connected with that particular person,” Wood said. “It’s not an act. It’s a real connection. He’s very comfortable and he’s very happy.”

Perry Myers, a 30-year investigator and body language analyst, said it looked like the two were making more than just small talk.

“Obviously from the picture where they’re standing with people in the background, it looks like Hendry is kind of in that business mode,” said Myers, president of MSI Detective Services in Chicago.

“Pujols is listening intently. It looks like there’s a serious side to that discussion. Probably not ‘How’s the wife and kids?’ ”

Fascinating. Utterly, mind-numbingly fascinating. So let me get this straight: Hendry is talking and Pujols is listening intently to what Hendry is saying and not completely ignoring him? And it could be serious? But at the same time, the other body language expert infers that Pujols is happy? And there might be a connection? Serious sides to unheard discussions? Business mode? Background people? Not an act? Comfortable AND happy? A real connection? How about a Love Connection? Could Chuck Woolery help us out with this? Lemme check. I’ll be back in two and two.

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