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(Photo) Ozzie Guillen And Wife Star In ‘Sideways 2: Electric Boogaloo’

With his Chicago White Sox team stumbling out of the gate this season with a 15-23 record, it’s a safe assumption to make that skipper Ozzie Guillen could use some time to just relax, unwind and collect his thoughts. And what better way to do that than to spend some quality time with his wife in solitude while sampling some local wines in Napa Valley? Sounds wonderful to me.

Guillen and his wife Ibis took advantage of a day off on the West Coast before the White Sox take on the Oakland Athletics in a weekend series to spend the day at the Kunde Family Estate in Kenwood, where they sipped on wine, met with the owner of the winery and simply kicked back and enjoyed the scenery. Ahh, wine country: how peaceful. Sure beats spending an entire day at the ballpark, right Ozzie?

Referring to the place in separate tweets as “heaven” and the owner of the estate as “wowww amazing,” Ozzie summed up his relaxing sojourn in Napa Valley quite nicely with the following:

I don’t know much about wine but this is wauoooo”

“wauoooo,” indeed. Well put. Ozzie. Couldn’t have said it better had I been there myself.

[H/T Hardball Talk, @OzzieGuillen]