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Tom Brady: ‘Are You Surprised At My Tears, Sir? Strong Men Also Cry…Strong Men Also Cry’

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been a constant source of entertainment – oftentimes of the cringe-worthy variety – during this NFL offseason and as we have headed into the lockout, examples of which do not need to be delved into here in any detail as we have all previously seen the dancing, the headband and his “Suave Clown” look at the Kentucky Derby. But perhaps none of his forays into embarrassing acts compares with his on-camera crying during an interview broadcast on ESPN last month.

Well, Brady has emerged from his protective cocoon of high society he shares with his supermodel spouse to discuss said sobbing while taking part in an interview which was done during NFL Draft week, video of which was  released Wednesday by the Boston Herald. His thoughts, via The Huddle:

“I’m an emotional person. Sometimes I can’t help it. The (2000) draft was tough, and it’s tough for a lot of guys. You have these high expectations that you’re going to be picked at a certain place and then it doesn’t happen. But I was thinking — you know, my parents were there with me. And I have such a great relationship with them.

“They’ve been to so many of my games and practices and supported me over the years, and just thinking about sharing that moment with them, and then seeing the excitement that we’ve had for an 11-year career, I think that’s the emotional part of it.”

Dude, f**kin’ A! But in all seriousness, I know how that goes…not being able to help it. One minute you are watching The Notebook, the next, your sobbing like Tom Brady. It happens.

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