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Ron Washington Watched ‘Seinfeld’ While Retooling Rangers’ Lineup

"Ha! That Kramer! What a hipster doofus!"

But is he still Master of His Domain? To be honest, I really don’t want to know. Let’s just go with that he ‘s Lord of the Manor.

Sometimes, people just need to have themselves a well-deserved chuckle, even MLB managers, apparently. With the Texas Rangers mired in a 2-7 slump since May 1st, Washington, while sitting around his house, began to contemplate reshuffling the Texas Rangers’ lineup for Tuesday’s game against the Oakland Athletics, skipper Ron Washington turned on the television and watched some Seinfeld to ease his mind. Lo and behold, the antics of Jerry and company seemingly inspired him – perhaps in the way in which the soothing, pastoral images are conducive to to the ease in which George moves his bowels – as the Rangers came out and whipped the A’s by the score of 7-2. It was a Fesitvus miracle! Of sorts.

Via Sports Radio Interviews:

How did an episode of Seinfeld prompt him to change the lineup?:

“I was channel surfing and I ran into Seinfeld and I just felt like I needed to laugh so I left him on. I was laying there prior to that just thinking what I could do to help these guys get things going. I just grabbed a paper and put a lineup together. I liked what I put on the paper, so when I came in that’s what I went with.”

Awesome. Do you know what else might help the Rangers break out of their May swoon? Mangoes. It’s like you get a B12 shot from them…well, as long as you get them from a high quality, reputable outfit like Joe’s. Because at the grocery stores, I don’t know what’s going on with the papayas!

Okay, I’m done.

Ron Washington Filled In Tuesday’s Lineup Card While Watching Seinfeld [Sports Radio Interviews]