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Paralyzed Chinese Gymnast Files Lawsuit For…(Puts Pinky By Mouth)…1.8 Billion Dollars!

Whoa, that’s like, a pretty big number, isn’t it?

Sang Lan, a Chinese gymnast who tragically was paralyzed from the chest down during a accident in 1998 while in the U.S. when she was 17, has filed a $1.8 billion lawsuit. Sang Lan asserts that her injury stemmed from someone moving a mat while she was in mid-air.

Via The Washington Post:

The $1.8-billion suit targets everyone — from Ted Turner, who founded the Goodwill Games where the accident happened in 1998 in New York, to the former AOL Time Warner Inc. media company, which owned the games, to USA Gymnastics, which supported the event, to the couple who were her guardians in New York. It says they broke promises to care for Sang, then 17 and paralyzed from the chest down ever since.

The suit is an unexpected turn for Sang, whose sweet smile and upbeat nature earned her many supporters in China and who became a symbol of determination and courage in the face of a devastating injury. Returning home in 1999, she received a hero’s welcome, with officials calling her “the pride of all Chinese.” Since then, she has used her fame to advocate for the disabled.

Just to be perfectly clear, by no means am I implying that this poor woman has been through a terrible ordeal and suffered a horrible injury, nor am I claiming that she doesn’t have the right to at least attempt to seek damages as compensation for her horrific injury, but $1.8 billion? Seriously? Who is her lawyer? Bob Loblaw, Attorney at Law? Now that’s a reference I haven’t been able to incorporate into a post in a long time.

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