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Jawohl! German DJ’s Dirk Nowitzki Song, ‘His Name Is Dirk,’ Is Broken English Gold

The moody, lyrical intro to “His Name Is Dirk,” as performed by German DJ/Producer, Flula Borg:

His name is Dirk
He plays basketball
He’s a Maverick
He is a shooter like Larry Bird
He can shoot a three-pointer
Or dunk a good one on you
He plays good like an iPod
He’s like the German…Moses

Well, if he plays good like an iPod and is like the German Moses, I guess there’s little else to say. Well done, DJ Flula. Crap, Falco ain’t got nothing on Flula Borg. Der Kommissar? More like Der Krappissar, amirite? Although with all due respect, I hope DJ Flula Borg’s next track dedicated to the Dallas Mavericks star is “Rock Me Dirk Nowitzki.”

And in case you were wondering, given his name, yes, you will be assimilated…into a funky society where lyrical odes to basketball players are backed by triptastic, German beats!

German Moses, y’all. Groove on that.

[H/T The Basketball Jones]