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Bad Idea Cocktails: Fenway Park Has Started Serving Mixed Drinks

There are bad ideas and then there are such bad ideas they cease to be bad and instead one is left scratching one’s head and saying, “Who are the ad wizards who came up this one?” The decision by Fenway Park to being serving mixed alcoholic beverages falls into the latter category. While the move to serving mixed drinks has become quite common among the ballparks and stadiums across the country, the kind of clientele which is known to populate Fenway on a typical day for a Boston Red Sox game probably are not the best candidates to offer up additional alternatives through which they can get soused. Just saying.

The state’s Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission gave the Red Sox the okay to start serving drinks containing hard liquor last Friday. Ranging in price from $8.50 and $9.50, the new offerings of libations will include such mixed beverage standbys as frozen daiquiris and margaritas. Further details about the further intoxication of Red Sox Nation, via the Boston Herald:

Sox spokeswoman Susan Goodenow confirmed for the Herald, “Yes, we have received the approvals from city and state agencies for the liquor license amendments we applied for. On Monday, we launched mixed-drink sales in a single, existing concession location.

“The liquor license amendments allow for sales in up to five existing locations throughout the ballpark,” she said. “We anticipate adding service to additional stands as the season progresses.’’

“Margaritas? That’s fackin’ spectaculah! Gimme four-ah!” And calm down, Sawx fans, I’m just messing with you. By no means are any of you any more cretinous, depraved or prone to drunken acts of stupidity at the ballpark than any other fanbase. Well, maybe a little bit more prone to inebriated buffoonery, but we need not split hairs here. Drink up. Cheers.

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