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This Guy Got Arrested Due To His Sexual Fetish Of Slashing Other People’s Balls

Other people’s exercise balls, that is. What were you thinking? Testicles? Well, that would be downright sick, man.

His name? Christopher Neil Bjerkness (obsessive exercise ball slashers always are referred to with their middle name included). He has been arrested multiple times in the past several years in Duluth, Minnesota area for his uncontrollable fetish where he derives sexual gratification from taking a knife and slashing those large exercise balls.

From the Duluth News Tribune:

This time, Christopher Neil Bjerkness, 33, was arrested at Chester Creek Academy, a Duluth school at 714 W. College St., according to Jim Hanson, Duluth police information officer. The school is for children in treatment through Northwood Children’s Services.

Bjerkness reportedly gained entry through a window about 1:30 p.m. Sunday into a room used for physical and occupational therapy. As he entered, an alarm was triggered and staff located him in the room shortly thereafter. Bjerkness was compliant and waited with staff members until police arrived, according to Richard Wolleat, president and CEO of Northwood Children’s Services.

Weird stuff, even as bizarre sexual fetishes go. While I imagine that his own unique brand of paraphilia is rarely seen and might be unique to his own twisted, depraved obsessions, I wonder what psychiatrists would name his condition. Gofitophilia? Ballslasher fetishism? Weirdpervertfreakotisis? Yeah, Weirdpervertfreakotisis works. But seriously, this guy ain’t right in the head. He needs help. Just keep him away from the gym equipment in the mental hospital.

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