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Ozzie Guillen Controversial Comment Tracker: He Called Mike Scioscia Fat & Bald

Okay, the opinionated Chicago White Sox manager didn’t call Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim fat in so many words, but he did call him bald. When asked about Mike Scioscia reaching 1,000 managerial victories, here’s what Ozzie Guillen had to say (from The Orange County Register, via Hardball Talk):

He weighs 200 pounds more than me. He’s bald, I’m not. He reads the scouting report, I not. He has his own way.

Aha, fat and bald. That’s nice. I suppose those attributes could be considered having his own way…at Burger King! Zing! But seriously, folks, isn’t Ozzie calling Scioscia fat like the pot calling the kettle morbidly obese, or something? To wit:

Ozzie Guillen, circa 1986

Ozzie Guillen, today

I’m not sayin’, I just sayin. Not that I should say anything about packing on a few pounds as the years have gone by. I’m certainly not in B-Team running back shape that I was in way back when. Then again, I can’t get free meals at the Heart Attack Grill, either, which is somewhat encouraging.

We’re all a-Twitter about Ozzie [The Orange County Register (via Hardball Talk)]