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Commenter On Says It’s Time To Move On From LeBron, Has Fitting Handle

Well, at least there is one person in Cleveland who has come to their senses and realized that now, after months upon months upon months have passed since LeBron James spurned the good people of The Forest City for the sunnier climes of South Beach, it might be time to move on and look forward, not backward. Let bygones be bygones, as it were, and begin to let the wounds heal instead of obsessively picking at them like some whacked out Disney starlet.

Who cares that LeBron is on the verge of reaching the Eastern Conference Finals? It shouldn’t be a Clevelanders concern anymore. It’s over. Finished.

First, his well-reasoned and articulate thoughts on the issue (via

“How about quit living in the past? Indians are in first and might very well have the best record in baseball by Wednesday. Monday night was the first time I watched an NBA playoff game for more than five minutes – not because I dislike the NBA, but because I have been wrapped up in the Indians’ season.”

His handle?


Passionate, yet pragmatic . Excellent qualities. For a Cleveland sports fan. Follow the lead of GodHatesClevelandSports and give heed, Clevelanders.

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