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Alex Ovechkin, Pals Play Soccer Shirtless, Stage Own Volleyball Scene From ‘Top Gun’

Playing with them boys, indeed. Hoo boy. But before you think it was a bunch of awkward, homoerotic horseplay – hence the reference to Top Gun‘s infamous volleyball scene – there was a method to the shirtless madness of Alexander Ovechkin and company, who happen to be his teammates on Team Russia who happen to be competing in the IIHF World Championship. From Russian Machine Never Breaks (via Mr. Irrelevant):

Ahead of its quarter-final matchup Thursday with Canada, Team Russia assistant coach Igor Zakharkin ordered his players to abandon the team’s scheduled morning practice and instead play soccer at Rapid Stadium in Bratislava. Much like former Capitals head coach Ron Wilson, who would arrange team-building bowling outings when the Caps were struggling, Zakharkin is looking to take pressure off of his team.

Oh. Well in that case, play on, boys, play on. But remember, dreaming takes you nowhere, it’s not too fair. Then again, after chasing sunsets, one of life’s simple joys is playing with the boys. So there you go.

Team Russia Ditches Their Morning Skate and Plays Soccer [Russian Machine Never Breaks (via Mr. Irrelevant)]