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With One Whiff, Brian Orakpo Joins Charles Barkley In Pantheon Of Terrible Athlete Golfers

Professional athletes, God bless them, keep on amusing us with their inept travails and awkward antics on the golf course, far away from the fields where they excel or have excelled in other sports. Next up, joining the brutal Charles Barkley, is Washington Redskins linebacker Brian Orakpo, who has been captured on video swinging and whiffing on a tee shot. Said Orakpo, according to reporter Britt McHenry, who interviews Orakpo in the video below: “Man, this is harder than pass rushing.” Indeed it is, my friend. Indeed it is. But it was all part of Orakpo’s Leukemia Golf Classic. Wait. A guy who cannot golf a lick held his own charity golf tournament? That takes a lot of guts, man. Kudos to you, Mr. Orakpo.

Video of his swing and miss follows.

Yeesh. Not pretty. Orakpo’s teammate, DeAngelo Hall, had his own critique of Orakpo’s awkwardly hilarious swing (via D.C. Sports Bog):

“I mean, it’s some guys that kind of look the part,”Hall said. “You know ‘Rak can’t play. He’s a little too stiff. You can see that in his play on the field, he’s a little stiff. I think probably my biggest comp out here is probably Graham Gano. Kickers normally can play golf, because they don’t have anything else to do.”

A zinger at kickers, too? Well played, Hall.

All joking aside, as anyone who has picked up a club before can attest, golfing ain’t easy, even if you are a world class athlete. While I am the furthest thing from a world class athlete – or athlete, for that matter – there have been many times I have whiffed on a tee shot myself – or, even worse, hitting a popup that goes higher in the air than distance traveled away from the tee. Have any of you other golfers out there hit a tee shot almost vertically, only to have the ball land about five seconds later a mere feet from your tee? Well, I have. Screw the 300 yard bombs, hitting one five feet out and fifty feet up takes an incredible amount of skill, resulting in an immeasurable amount of embarrassment.

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