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San Francisco Giants Fans: Growin’ A Beard, Just Like Brian Wilson Did

First off, before I continue, allow me to let you know I punched myself in the face for daring to invoke and reference the terribleness of that blasted Barenaked Ladies song. It’s the worst, Jerry, the worst, along with all the other drivel forced upon the masses by that awful Canadian band, yet I could not resist the lure of the easy reference. I’m sorry, alright? Okay, there. Moving on…

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Who says that, you ask? I dunno, people who are prone to being imitated a lot, I suppose. Anyway, there are some San Francisco Giants fans who ascribe to that philosophy and because of that, they are growing out their own beards in honor of Brian Wilson, the Giants’ so-cool-he-totally-knows-it-and-will-tell-you-if-you-somehow-missed-the-boat-on-it closer, Brian Wilson.

Below is a gallery of these beard-growing souls, but that’s all you get for now, because according to information provided on the San Francisco Chronicle’s website, the article profiling the wannabeardees is only available in print today and will not be published online until Thursday at midnight, although if you cannot wait that long, you can purchase an online edition of Tuesday’s Chronicle. Yeah, I know. Kind of weird, having to pay for something, right? In any event, enjoy, and if there are some interesting tidbits regarding these guys once I am able to READ IT FOR FREE I will gladly pass that along. Damn Capitalists.

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