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Do You Golf And Drink Terrible Beer? Well, Then This ‘6-Pack’ Is Right Up Your Alley

Mmm…crappy beer. And some pretty nice golf balls. A match made in Flavorless Heaven. Thanks to my pal Ryan over at Pro Golf Talk, I have now been made aware of the “Golfers Ultimate 6 Pack,” a product pimped by Michelob Ultra and Bridgestone for the man on-the-go who does not have time to go to liquor store before the round to properly stock his bag (buying beer in the clubhouse? What am I, rich?) and plans on only using three balls during said round.

The “Golfers Ultimate Six Pack” contains a sleeve of Bridgestone e6 balls and five slim cans of Michelob Ultra. While I give the folks at Bridgestone and Michelob credit for their creative idea, when I drink beer, I like to, you know, taste it and stuff. But on the other hand, if you think about it, a sleeve of balls and some watered-down beer go hand in hand. I mean, what goes down better after watching your ball plunge into the water hazard than a beer that tastes like the exact same liquid?

A great Father’s Day gift for dads who like beer and golf [Pro Golf Talk]