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Tony Romo, Despite Talent, Fails At Golf, Much Like He Does As An NFL Quarterback

I know all of you Dallas Cowboys fans out there, suffering through the bitter stages of denial regarding your so-called franchise quarterback, are going to be slightly disappointed to read this, but appears to be true: Tony Romo’s bid to qualify for the U.S. Open, much like last year, has fallen way short and it looks like it, save for a miraculous comeback, is all but over and done.

Romo, similar to how he performs in the role of an NFL quarterback, is as much an underachiever on the golf course as he is on the gridiron. In fact, you can draw many parallels between his quarterbacking and golfing: tons of potential, performs well when there is nothing is on the line, but when the pressure ratchets up a notch, he folds, flails and ultimately, fails.

Via The Dallas Morning News:

Tony Romo’s chances of advancing in sectional qualfying for the U.S. Open are likely doomed. Romo had a disastrous triple-bogey on the par-4 15th hole in swirling winds on the Stonebridge Country Club in McKinney to put him 8-over for the round. Romo lost his tee shot to the right into a yard and had to hit another shot off the tee. His approach came up short and to the left. He then chunked his chip into the uphill-sloped green and watched it roll back off. He chipped again and hit a four-foot putt.

Romo had a double-bogey on the par-3 eighth hole as part of his 4-over score on the front nine.

Yeesh. Crash and burn. I am much of a golfer myself, so perhaps I shouldn’t be so quick to criticize. Then again, I’m not trying to qualify for the U.S. Open, either. Not that I was there or saw how his meltdown transpired, but it’s almost seems like Romo had his golf ball snapped to him on the tee box on the 15th hole. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

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