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LeBron James Meant ‘Retarded’ As In ‘Unintelligent,’ Not ‘Retarded’ ‘Retarded’

Well, this should put this controversy to rest. And if you cannot understand that, then, well, you must be, in LeBron’s words, retarded, I guess. At least that’s the tone LeBron James took during today’s shootaround in Boston regarding the latest controversy stemming from the frequent occurrences where LeBron’s brain tells him to say something and the little person in his head that stands guard between his brain and his mouth and should prevent ignorant statements from coming out of his mouth starts acting like a retard. Or whatever.

As you already have likely heard, more ignorance emanated from James’ mouth during a joint press conference with teammate Dwyane Wade following Game 3 of the Heat’s series with the Celtics. After a reporter asked Wade whether the play which caused Rajon Rondo’s injury was a dirty play, James could be audibly heard saying, “That’s retarded,” despite his best effort to somehow muffle the sound of his commentary.Unfortunately, the presence of a bunch of microphones directly in front of his face caused LeBron’s editorial comment to be picked up for all to hear. Always thinking, that LeBron.

Via the Boston Herald:

Asked about the mini-controversy after this morning’s shootaround at the Garden, James reiterated that he found the question unintelligent.

“I didn’t understand the question,” James said. “It’s definitely blown out of proportion. I don’t think Dwyane is a dirty player. So it’s the same as me saying, ‘I don’t think that’s a great question’ or, ‘I think it’s a stupid question.’ Dwyane has never been a dirty player so I don’t know why someone would even ask him that question.”

When asked if the public uproar was a result of everything he does being magnified, James responded simply, “Of course.”

Indeed, everything is magnified as it concerns LeBron James. It’s utterly amazing how doing things to attract attention to oneself – magnifying things, even – say, like having a nationally televised exercise in narcissism to announce where one will be taking their talents, surprisingly causes things to become, you know, more magnified and stuff. And do you know what that is?

Retarded. Just ask LeBron. He’ll tell you. Personally, I would have opted to go with “unintelligent,” but hey, that’s just me.

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