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I’m Morally Obligated To Write About The Soup Nazi’s Appearance At Citi Field

I’m sorry, that’s just the way it is and there’s nothing I can do about it. For a person like me who, as a consequence of seeing every episode of Seinfeld a jillion times, cannot have anything occur in my life or read something without having a reflex-like reaction to invoking some reference to the show without fail, I have no choice but write at least something about the fact that Larry Thomas, the actor who portrayed The Soup Nazi (and little else, I suspect) making an appearance at Citi Field for the Mets-Dodgers game on Saturday night.

Via an AP report in The Washington Post:

Actor Larry Thomas, who played the ornery soup genius on the TV show “Seinfeld” appeared — in character — to give DVD prizes to fans at Citi Field who correctly answered trivia questions about the show.

Dressed in chef’s whites just as he did when he famously booted “Seinfeld” characters George Costanza and Elaine Benes from his shop, Thomas waved to the crowd on the big screen, mouthing the words: “No soup for you!”

Later, he posed for pictures with another winner.

Not a bad gig, when you think about it. Thomas, simply by portraying a character on a hit show fifteen years ago, is still reaping the benefits from what I assume he figured at the time was a decent gig and a means to pay the bills. On the other hand, perhaps to Thomas it feels less like an honor and more of something of a curse. No matter what he did as actor, before or after or however impressive, he will always be remembered for that one role. Most of the stars of Friends know what I’m talking about – I guess so do the stars of Seinfeld – except Michael Richards,of course. But that’s another story altogether, fraught with misunderstandings and total confusion. Kind of like “The Tractor Story,” I suppose.

UPDATE: Courtesy of Mr. Rick Chandler from Off the Bench comes some video from the Soup Nazi’s appearance. It follows.

It’s a little sad, really.

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