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Five Adult Mavs Fans Thought It A Good Idea To Spell ‘G-O N-O-W-I-T-Z-K-I’ On Their Butts

Okay, to be fair, these five Dallas Mavericks fans – grown men, mind you – spelled the last name of their team’s leader, Dirk Nowitzki, on the back of their shorts not actually on the skin of their hind ends, but still, come on, man.

But would it help their cause if I mentioned they were trying to win free tickets to Game 4 between the Mavs and the Los Angeles Lakers and get the chance to perhaps see their squad sweep the Lakers? No? Not at all? Thought so. Via The Dallas Morning News:

A group of Maverick’s fans from Keller, Texas got together, painted themselves, and headed to American Airlines Center in Dallas Sunday afternoon, May 08, 2011, to compete in the painted fans competition for free tickets to the playoffs game between the Mavs and the Lakers.

So, there you go. I can only imagine how the five of them arrived at the attire depicted in this image which characterizes just about everything concerning “When Gotta Support The Team Goes Wrong.”

Guy 1: Hey brahs, got an idea. How about we get some old, shredded pairs of white boxer shorts, spell “G-O N-O-W-I-T-Z-K-I” on the asses of them and then compliment that already bad ass look with blue tights and some ragged, tattered tops that could have been used as wardrobe for the dance scenes in Staying Alive?

Guy 2: Awesome, dude! Let’s do it!

Guy 3: I’ll only do it if I can have the letter N-O on my ass. Because, you know, I’m like, not gay and crap.

Guy 4: Totally.

Guy 5: Can we paint our faces, too?

What a bunch of yutzes. Well, at least the Mavericks beat the Lakers. I guess their little outfits did the trick. Score one for these guys.

Photos: Mavericks complete improbable sweep; crazy Dallas fans hit the streets to celebrate [The Dallas Morning News]