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Apparently, Carmelo Anthony Has A Camel For A Pet

Carmelo Anthony's photo: Everybody got dogs and cats as pets, I got a camel!

There you go. While some may argue that his career with the New York Knicks may have gotten off to a slightly inauspicious start, no one can make the argument any longer that Carmelo Anthony does not have better pets than most folks, something he is even aware of himself, given the message attached to the above photo which was recently uploaded to his whosay account:

Everybody got dogs and cats as pets, I got a camel!

Yep, that’s a camel alright. Bearing in mind that Carmelo Anthony likely has a palatial pad in NYC which far exceeds the general cramped conditions of the stereotypical residence in the Big Apple, meaning he probably has more than enough space to house a camel, can you imagine the size of plastic bag he has to bring with him when he takes that thing for a walk? He probably needs one of those lawn bags one uses when raking leaves in the fall. Because I don’t know if most people are aware of this, but camels can poop. A lot.